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The Piano Show

April 4, 2010

Today was pretty swell,
The finale dept came over and stayed at my place to do props for the OGL performance. Really fun. And then just now people were piling on my bed. Like 5 being people squeezed into one bed. =.=

Yea, we were all tired, but at the same time. it was really fun (:

Right now, i’m really feeling weird. Like part of me wanna give up, coz i feel i’m just now the one for you. yet, another part of me is like:hey i really really like you alot. Whenever you’re around, there’s this special feeling that always sets in. and then when you’re gone, that feeling lingers on, making me look forward to seeing you again. But then again, I guess, i’ll just leave it to God to decide, i mean. we can plan and set our goals/targets etc. But God is the one that can really
make those plans succeed.

Ah well, what do i lack~
hmmm, well, there are many things i can do~ andddd, there are somethings that i can’t do. or can’t be. For example. I’m not good looking, i’ve a perspiration issue. =\
I can’t be that guy, which you would think: “hey’s his cute, hey’s his hot.”
But i know, there’s one thing i can do. Which is to do my utmost best, to make you happy.


i think i’m going to be so screwed. Im suppose to prepare 3 pieces for the finale performance. and I’m only half-way with the 2nd.

okay and down to the Finale itself. Coupled with our limitations. i starting to worry that our ideas are not good enough. which in short. we’re pretty screwed.

God, i commit all to you. All i ask oh lord. is that i would not feel disappointed at the end of the day, that i would not feel that i have failed.

ah well, gotta go practise. or maybe sleep.


hopefully, stars.

April 2, 2010


Today was pretty awesome, had free tickets to watch: How to train your dragon.
So went with Sea Shell, eldwin and junhao.
The show is really nice. Meaningful story. Cute dragon. OH YA.
and its it 3D

So after the movie, went for lunch at LJS
and.. OHHHHH
There was this couple, the girl was looking at something apparently, and her boyfriend was looking in the opposite direction.
me and da three. we walked out of LJS and we were still talking about our “BIG & STRIPE-ed” celebrity. and then,unknowingly, i moved in between the couple. and then. the girl held my arm.
at first, im like “huh?”
and then i turned at her, she was still looking at some kids.
then she turned around and saw that she was holding my arm.
ahhh well, what happen after that was
girl:”OH! sorry~”
me:*trying to hold my laughter*

then we walked away, looked at each other and started laughing.
The girl was kinda old

HAHAHA just kidding,
then went for dinner with my family and changi village and after dinner, to the beach to slack.
there was alot of stars, really nice. and the weather was pretty cooling too.
AWESOME setting to hang out with a loved one

So, i think, maybe we should not give up, like. so easily?
coz, hope is always there. its just that we don’t see it all the time.

On clear nights, we often see the little stars that shimmer in the sky. But sometimes, it may be cloudy and our little twinkling friends can’t be seen. but we always know, their there; twinkling and dancing in the night sky. Just like hope. No matter how cloudy or unclear the situation may be, its still there.

anyways, gotta go~

Adios all.

how do i tell you, that i really really like you

Adios~ ma chère amie

March 27, 2010


Its been a long time since i’ve been to this place(my blog)
anyways, loads of stuff have been happening,
im like going back to school to help out with the planning of the FMO(fresh men orientation). So everydays like 10-5, at times, it can be pretty dull, but with awesome friends inside my department. It really becomes an enjoyment and parting ways at the end of the day can really be hard D:

HAHA, so. Im not going to lie. But i truly like someone alot now. I wanna tell her how i feel. But whats stopping me is, how does she feel about me. The standard :” i wanna tell her how i feel, but i’m afraid of how she might feel about me”

Ah well, worst come to worst. maybe i can just turn away, and go back to being ‘perfectly lonely’. I mean, i’ve always been that way. and its not that bad 😀 After breaking up with D. i’ve learn to sing. i’ve learn to play the guitar. I’ve learn many things. i’ve finally got time to go fishing. i’ve finally got time to do all the things i love.

Relationship’s aren’t a big deal

Well, maybe. yea. i’m giving up. Whats not meant to be, should just stay the way it should.

Then i’ll go back to my own way again. maybe give it 3months or so. For the feelings to die and fade. before i can truly come up to her as a friend and tell her that i used to like her alot 😀

Maybe this could be the way i live my life.
The way of being almost attached.
almost in love.
almost in.. everything.


March 9, 2010


so today was pretty tired, went back to school for ogl camp again~
came home around 6, then went for a longggggggggggggg jog.
wa the feeling is shiok ka lao sai siaaal

anyways, wooooooo(breathe of satisfaction)
today was pretty swell,

now im like getting ready to sleep, just played a feel good CS match(LOL)

feel good as in, the bots are really stupid(easy mode) which makes it fun to kill 😀
(my blood sheding indulgence)

anyway~ NIGHTS!


March 9, 2010


ahhh fug holidays, the most boring, most dull, most “not-interesting”, most… argghhhhh.

So later, or around 10, gotta leave the house. Another day of OGL camp to attend. its kinda hilarious though. I mean. today me and classmates were suppose to go ubin together. and then end up. OGL PRESIDENT: “oh yea guys, so tml there’ll be part two of the camp ah” and everyone’s like wtf?!


ah well, gotta go prepare, play abit of violin or smth..
its gonna be a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg day.

Bella luna~

March 2, 2010

YO!!! ITS 5AM~ an ungodly hour!

OMG, well, there’s still many stuff for me to do, so just a summary of what i’ve been doing.

okay, todays wednesday. and its going to be awesome, coz firstly its the last paper!!!! AND after the LAST paper, we would be heading of for CHALET!

well, this is going to be blunt but this is to whom, which you know im addressing to you. “FUCK YOU. YOU SON OF A COW. PLEASE RIDE YOUR BIKE ONE DAY GET RUN OVER BY A BUS. MOTHER FUCKA” (Y)

anyways, my life is starting to see new things.
hmmm, how do i start with you..
its your eyes babe. your eyes.. not only your eyes. but everything of you.

Im Yours~

February 20, 2010


well, today was pretty swell, Suppose to meet up with kat, and ah yuan to study at starbucks@thomson
and kat didnt show up =.=”

after that went over to Cousins house for dinner, was really fun loads of singing and dotA

and right now. back at home.

I’ve set myself to finnish the maths and java paper =\
hope i can do it~ I CAN DO IT!