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May 2, 2010

I really don’t know whats wrong with myself, or maybe whats wrong with people everywhere. When they are sad, they’re always looking for that silver lining; a glimpse of hope. And when they are really happy, I guess the world around us is so drowned in misery, like a virus. It infects everyone and extinguishes the happiness within anyone.

and my dad told me this.

What if you had 10 days left to live?

So if you had 10 days left to live. I guess all our big plans would hold no more meaning like, I wanna own a ferrari. i wanna have big house. i wanna have model girlfriends. Instead it would be:

“What am I going to do with my 10 days”

immediately, all the top priorities would just surface.

1. I wanna tell her that i love her.

2. I wanna give my mum a hug.

3. I wanna treat my dad at macdonalds, like how he did for me when i was younger.

So. For all those people out there. Who feels that everyday is a day in misery.

Live everyday like it’s your last.

Happiness is a habit. You choose whether or not to practise it.

Now go out and seize the day!

Tell your loved ones how much love them. Do stuff that you’ve never done before. Smile always, think happy thoughts 😀

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