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The Piano Show

April 4, 2010

Today was pretty swell,
The finale dept came over and stayed at my place to do props for the OGL performance. Really fun. And then just now people were piling on my bed. Like 5 being people squeezed into one bed. =.=

Yea, we were all tired, but at the same time. it was really fun (:

Right now, i’m really feeling weird. Like part of me wanna give up, coz i feel i’m just now the one for you. yet, another part of me is like:hey i really really like you alot. Whenever you’re around, there’s this special feeling that always sets in. and then when you’re gone, that feeling lingers on, making me look forward to seeing you again. But then again, I guess, i’ll just leave it to God to decide, i mean. we can plan and set our goals/targets etc. But God is the one that can really
make those plans succeed.

Ah well, what do i lack~
hmmm, well, there are many things i can do~ andddd, there are somethings that i can’t do. or can’t be. For example. I’m not good looking, i’ve a perspiration issue. =\
I can’t be that guy, which you would think: “hey’s his cute, hey’s his hot.”
But i know, there’s one thing i can do. Which is to do my utmost best, to make you happy.


i think i’m going to be so screwed. Im suppose to prepare 3 pieces for the finale performance. and I’m only half-way with the 2nd.

okay and down to the Finale itself. Coupled with our limitations. i starting to worry that our ideas are not good enough. which in short. we’re pretty screwed.

God, i commit all to you. All i ask oh lord. is that i would not feel disappointed at the end of the day, that i would not feel that i have failed.

ah well, gotta go practise. or maybe sleep.

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