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Adios~ ma chère amie

March 27, 2010


Its been a long time since i’ve been to this place(my blog)
anyways, loads of stuff have been happening,
im like going back to school to help out with the planning of the FMO(fresh men orientation). So everydays like 10-5, at times, it can be pretty dull, but with awesome friends inside my department. It really becomes an enjoyment and parting ways at the end of the day can really be hard D:

HAHA, so. Im not going to lie. But i truly like someone alot now. I wanna tell her how i feel. But whats stopping me is, how does she feel about me. The standard :” i wanna tell her how i feel, but i’m afraid of how she might feel about me”

Ah well, worst come to worst. maybe i can just turn away, and go back to being ‘perfectly lonely’. I mean, i’ve always been that way. and its not that bad 😀 After breaking up with D. i’ve learn to sing. i’ve learn to play the guitar. I’ve learn many things. i’ve finally got time to go fishing. i’ve finally got time to do all the things i love.

Relationship’s aren’t a big deal

Well, maybe. yea. i’m giving up. Whats not meant to be, should just stay the way it should.

Then i’ll go back to my own way again. maybe give it 3months or so. For the feelings to die and fade. before i can truly come up to her as a friend and tell her that i used to like her alot 😀

Maybe this could be the way i live my life.
The way of being almost attached.
almost in love.
almost in.. everything.

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