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Bella luna~

March 2, 2010

YO!!! ITS 5AM~ an ungodly hour!

OMG, well, there’s still many stuff for me to do, so just a summary of what i’ve been doing.

okay, todays wednesday. and its going to be awesome, coz firstly its the last paper!!!! AND after the LAST paper, we would be heading of for CHALET!

well, this is going to be blunt but this is to whom, which you know im addressing to you. “FUCK YOU. YOU SON OF A COW. PLEASE RIDE YOUR BIKE ONE DAY GET RUN OVER BY A BUS. MOTHER FUCKA” (Y)

anyways, my life is starting to see new things.
hmmm, how do i start with you..
its your eyes babe. your eyes.. not only your eyes. but everything of you.

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