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Kill all rapists

January 6, 2010

Just recently, I’ve seen on the news. 3 cases of rape. Within one week
Wtf. Rape is a fucking terrible thing to do. Are they even human? forcing someone to satisfy your sick desires.
And another case.
“Girl, 15 suspected to be robbed,raped and murderd.. body dumped into river.”
what the fuck. Rob,raped and killed.
whats wrong with this shit heads?
“Woman raped, husband forced to watch at gun point”
… wtf. Can u imagine your wife, whom u love. being abused in this manner. Right in front of your eyes
pls. kill. all. rapists
they don’t deserve a place in this world. I dont mean to be racist or anything. But this cases(in Singapore) that i’ve read up. Majority of this rapist. Are foreign workers from India.
wtf c’mon. you come to our country, we respect you and this is how we are treated?

i hate rapists.

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