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Merry Christmas -.-

December 23, 2009

Come to think of it. Having a girlfriend is a really good thing, i mean
It keeps you to the ground, so you wont float away ( <- weird )

anyway, im feeling rather weird now. its like, this lonely feeling, yet you're not lonely at all.
It really makes me feel, how valuable that one person's special attention for you, really is.

Its like as if, the whole world can think you as a **** but that girl/guy thinks you're the only impt thing in his/her life.

To be honest, im feeling rather pathetic now. Im having some kind of Infatuation disease.
By right, it suppose to make you feel, free. Free to do anything. Fly solo. whatever.

But then, maybe im not that kind?

It just feels. Dam suckish. when everyday. you look at your phone. and it doesn’t ring or beep; you dont get a nice sms from a gal that goes:”Hey darling, hows your day 😀 missing me?”. or hearing a sweet voice over the phone.

My phone. is something that i leave under the bed now. Coz no one special is gonna call/text me.
Every night. I go through all the movies : American Pie 1,2,3,4,5,6 ; P.S I love you. etc

I wake up in the afternoon at 5pm
My phone’s dead. and the only thing i hear, is nothing.
Go through the whole day w/o saying a thing to anyone.
Maybe once in awhile. Somebody Msn’s me and get me to go play badminton or smth(its a guy =.=)

or maybe this is how the un-goodLooking or the un-popular live.

woe to us.
F it.

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