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Free ^.~

December 10, 2009

Hey all! im back! 😀

hahaha i think i’ve been stuck on doing nothing for so long, that i hadn’t been updating.( not like i have anything to update anyway.)

So what i’ve been up too:
Mapling =.=
海派甜心(very nice show :D)
桃花小妹(very very niceee show :D)

Well, things at home have been extremely chaotic this week. Clothes not washed, floor not kept clean, clock not wind up =.=

and there had been alot of test this week. Java on monday, econs just now. Heng-fully. its thursday. ^.~

well, next weeks the last week! 😀
well, many things to do. I’ve gotta fufill my santa claus job. Got something to send this week 😀 (hope my cookies taste alright )

well this is what, a stressful week has done to Mr Amos Tan.

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