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The world has many……

September 9, 2009

YAY~ chalets next week, and im so hype for it la, which i guess.. actually there is no need too. Nobody is hype-ed. everyone is like.. “oh the chalet, okay lor”. Ah well, planning failed big time. and its so hard to get everyone to co-operate. and in some cases. some really, just like to ask. point out the wrong parts. but won’t be the first one to offer the solution. Wowwww~ Its only the first sem of school. and everyones true colors start to show.

All in all, this chalet just seems like a waste. Not everyone in the class is going. and, the help needed and all. just plain, ****ed. Or maybe its just me ba. Everything i plan = fail. Project, say want to get A. ah ****, when my members see their results this month, i doubt i can face them ba. T.T

Suay ah, chui ah.

Praise the lord though. It could have been worst.

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