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August 9, 2009

Well, its monday now, and it about 30 hrs, My team and I will be presenting our bank. And right now, at this critical moment. Im still blogging. well, i guess i need to let out some air. Anyway, i’ve been staring at the stupid visual studio. with all the codes. and i still can’t get it to work. Really pissing.

Well, i’ve prepared some back up plans~



okay this is super random. But i really feel like doing it(:

ErHmmM(clears throat).
As of today and now, Monday, 10 august 2009, 2.49. We had spent about 6 months together. Playing, Eating, Slacking. And trying to GL(guai lan) each other off. I really thank all of you. for making this whole JAXY bank project an enjoyable one. And for helping us hold the reccord of MOST UNITED GROUP(self-declaration.. -.-)
All of you are such hardworking folks. You’re had moved me to tears countless times. hahaha! All of you are so responsible. You’re moved me to tears even more.haha.. yeap. Im really happy to be in this group.

And i want to say sorry. Im sorry if im not serious at times. I’m sorry if i’ve been weird.. Like metal break downs and such. And im sorry if i have not put in enough effort, and im sorry if, i talk too much. and im sorry for behaving like a kid. And im sorry.. that i’ve not been able to let us finnish this project 2 weeks b4 dateline(YEAH!, damn. im going to emo right now.)
okay. now for the personal thanks~

To Mr. NG YU RUI. nG yURuI,designer,lifesaver,eyecandy + entertainer

I’ve gotta say, you are uber talented. From juggling to crazy tongue acrobats to unbelievable resourcefull-ness. You really come in, when we are at our most dire “OMG!. FORM VALIDATION HOW???”.. and you come:”oh yea, you know ar. the form validation..i can do already leh” and the newest and latest design for the bank, it really wowed everyone,without you,OMG. i cant bear to imagine, A really BIG


to you, brudder.Plus all those nice songs that you have~ I really owe you one~ We all do, especially..(Sian ar! sian ah! sian quit school la!!) (:

To Ms. OH JIA WEI, JIAWEI♥, nutritionist,entertainer,Designer,

First of all~ We’d all like to thank you, for providing us fuel, in the form of sweets, snacks and most importantly, CHOCOLATE! Now i really feel bad. Having you to feed us. You’ve been really nice.(I bet all of us have caught on some weight now.haha) And you have been really entertaining at times. Like those, battle cries/action noises eg. (HOI!!) hahaha. Really kept all of us lively! And furthermore, for some of our parts in our project, you’ve really helped us alot. eg.(“JIAWEI!!! MY VALIDATION NOT WORKING!!! HOW COME YU RUI ONE CAN MY CANNOT!!”)and you came, and saved me!, and without you, i bet some parts of the bank wouldn’t be completed. A really BIG


to you, Noona.(and thanks for sharing all those nice korean shows and songs!!)

To. Ms. CHIA XUE QI. ♥XUEQI, Xiao Blur, Time/events – management. Reality Checker.

I would really like to thank you, for keeping us on time! Especially in the begining, When we’re still fooling around. Playing and playing. Than you’d go:”EH WE NEED TO FINNISH THE RESEARCH LEH. NEXT WEEK MUST HAND UP LEH.” than we would be.”OH SHIT!!! forgot!! ” and im not sure about the rest, but thanks for giving me those pep talks. Especially when im feeling really shitty, and lousy. You really cheered me up loads! and you’ve been really entertaining when you really get lost..and blur………………………..and blur………………………………………………..HAHAHA.
A really BIG


to you, XIANG QI! haha(:

Thank you all of you. You’ve been really nice to work with. Though we may have ups and downs. We always pull through as a team! and thorugh this seventeen weeks. I guess we have really learnt alot about each other. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! YU RUI, JIA WEI, XUE QI. FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

THANK YOU/TERIMA KASIH/ 谢 谢/ தமிழ்/ 감사합니다/ どうもありがとう.

I hope we can work together again!!

here are some pics!

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  1. jiawei permalink
    August 9, 2009 8:08 pm

    whoohoo! i see my name! hahaha. (:

    • Amos permalink*
      August 10, 2009 12:58 am

      what the. i see mr thongs name

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