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August 5, 2009

From now on, i think i will stop talking behind people’s back. coz. i sort know how it feels now.
and im going to talk to everyone. no matter who he/she is. if he is sick/perverted or not. whatever.

“coz i know how it feels to be at the receiving end of it”

well, imagine everyone going somewhere to have fun, and not calling you to come along. due to some last min. decision. or maybe people aint talking to you coz you aint good looking enough. and people not grouping with you, coz. you don’t look good enough,you dont SEEM like you can work well enough. and coz you are not able to socialise well enough. ah. seriously. fuck all these things. they are down right biased and unfair.

Im not at the receiving end of all this coz i was guilty of it. what goes around.. and all.

really used to it anyway.
Being marked as fucking ugly by someone sitting infront of me, then noticing i was sitting right behind her, and all she could say was: “OH! but well, its true.”
and being..
ah.. should just stop la.
donwanna send the “hey pitty me please, thanks” meassage out to ppl. im not weak

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