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A nations worship~

August 3, 2009

now doing my presentation for tml.
yeap. my FIRST formal presentation. so, gotta quickly finnish and sleep early. plus tml. i’ve only got one lesson. So, really really shitty. imagine having to go to school at 8 in the morning and go back at 10.

anyway. today class ended early. so my class and i headed down to north point. its really really nice now.

yeah. and i’ve just came to a SHOCKING truth. which is~ okay la. its not a truth. but just a.. y’know. when you’re doing something. and something comes hitting you in the head. and then~ *YOU SEE THE LIGHT*. yeah. that SOMETHING.

its like. how come i find myself so hard trying to socialise with ppl? than im like. okay, those ppl who have no ppl socialising are usually good looking. or really funny. so which am i…and i was like… good looking? no way. funny? no. not funny. retarded and irritating more like.

So. what am i gonna do. well, one. i can just. let this three years go as a pain in the ass. coz i give up trying to socialise. or 2nd. just go with the flow. third. just.. try even harder.
well. all three doesn’t appeal.

hmm. i guess familiarity breeds contempt. Well, hope tml would always be better.

just gonna laugh it all off~

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