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July 31, 2009

So bored now..

And really everyday is getting sucky. and tml wil be too. like how my classmates are going cycling.
and i know i cant join them tml. thats for sure.

Its like something is preventing me to join my class for all this outings.
well. as of now.. i dun really feel… ah nvm.

anyway. loads of stuff to do. i guess i’ll just study for now. do the bank project. settle my own stuff. plan games for the chalet.entertain myself. as for my class mates? ah well. not as if they won’t do w/o me.
Hahaha im not emo or anything. Im perfectly okay! haha.

Well, i just challenged the top 4 “PLAYERS” in their respective subjects. and i gotta win them all. if not. i’ll have to treat them to a movie and a meal. Well i guess this would keep me busy.

Everyday so far is really a up and down thing. why sia. in the beginning im just happy go lucky. and now. im like.. worying about losing out. Ah, i think this is prolly due to my fuck-up chinese.

Now i feel like im in china. everyone is so foreign.

Shit shit shit.

ah heck. what could happen?
at most, being mark as a emo-er/anti-social/nobody. ah. been there. and don’t mind going back.

just gonna be myself. not going to change for others. if i dun fit in. well, too bad.


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