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July 29, 2009

Y’know what,

Im just not gonna care anymore. From begining, i’ve been thinking about what people around me will/might think about me. but now, there’s no point. Firstly. it drives me crazy. Secondly. I don’t think it can be anything good. thirdly. better to spend on my subjects.

Tomorrow’s math. and im not done with practicing.

time to fail la.. well 5% gone. so.. left about 95%. gotta do damn well in the exam.

Maths and POA especially. no reason not to do well.

and prolly starting tml. I’ll be less talk now. I’ll try. and gonna be 100% myself.

ah, who gives a damn. im just pissed off at nothing. just ignore me.
whats wrong with me. im so not the same. So diff when on first few weeks of school.

or maybe people are just annoyed/to used to/pissed of with me. the way i look/talk/behave/my capabilities.
ARGH. stop thinking so much. stop thinking so much. stop thinking so much..

Stop thinking too much. Please.

oh yeah, and stop trying too hard.. Please.

mental breakdown.. like really soon

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