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Oh.. i hope you enjoy your relationship.

July 22, 2009

im back again. haha.
this morning, you won’t believe it! I SAW THE SOLAR ECLISPE!!!! IT WAS REALLY A SIGHT. like.. WOW..
(i saw it on tv.)
Hahaha~ pardon me. im trying to entertain myself now.

Anyway. i’m starting to enjoy less of school. maybe coz im feeling rather useless,
like seeing others being able to get a particular assignment done(java coding example). While you’re struggling hopeless-ly

and seeing others being so charismatic. while you stuggle just to find ways to get people to be
interested in you.

seeing others being liked so easily. while you’re stuggling to get people’s attention.

ah. like really, eff it man.
I think im not going to care about doing things just to please others. im just going to be myself.
if im not charismatic enough or something.. Well. too bad for me uh.

i just wanna enjoy my ambitions and sucess

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