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July 10, 2009


today sky was sharing about how the GPA is calculated.
and right now. Im so . SHIT-SHIT-SHIT-SHIT..
so far only my maths and poa is doing well. As so far. no Bs at all.

for my java/pd/webapp/itfs.
Oh no.. they’re like in the B-C-B range. No No No. This cant do man.. gotta stop my ‘wars’ and start
studying. Oh gosh.

well, gotta work on my project. Stupid internet bank.

i’m not going to let you guys down, team.

Yeah. so after school, went to vin’s house for ‘war’
so we(elbon/vin/me) kept fighting till about 5.30 when my dad called me to come home and take care of aaron. And Bon is getting so much better now at dota( yeah, i call it war. coz it really is (: )

yeah later. chinese service. jamming.
crap. how am i suppose to do my programming and all that crap. plus monday is violin lesson. and my freaking PD blog is so going to fail. just 8 post only. like WTFFF man.

uh. screw it.

Hopefully i can find time to do my work tml. and im so not going to play games. just work.

right gotta go sleep now. 2 am, good morning people.

I’m hearing voices all around..
im hearing voices making sounds…

what would they say…
what would they take…

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