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June 4, 2009


this week. has been really terrible to me(i was sleeping at 4 am in the morning for 3 consecutive nights!!)
coding has been a bitch.(don’t ask, it was a bad experience)

well, its finally friday.
and when all was going well, ITFS just had to land us a project work. ANOTHER ONE.
Damn it, well, if you’ve read my earlier post, you’d know why.
everyone was like complaining about who they want in the group. And there is this particular some1 that nobody wants.

And just now. there was some heated confrence. anyway. thanks to everyone, it finally toned down.
well, from all this. i’ve gotta say. SCREW THE DIRECTOR’S LIST MAN.
its really really bringing up uneccessary competition. People in my class are starting to chiong home work and all. And everyone wants to be in a good team so as to get good marks. And becoz of that, therefore, the situation stated above.

I think im doing pretty normal, rather ordinary..
binary test – 9.5 / 10
set theory- 8.5/10
13/20(damn effing lousy.)
hmm, i did complete most of my CMS questions.
so maybe around 4.5%?? out of 5%
Assignment 1 = B+
Assignment 2 = B-
Assignment 3 = B-

honestly, im really disappointed with how im doing. with so many ppl doing so well in my class, for example, russell. Perfect score for most of his test.

okay russell. im going to to better than you. WATCH OUT FOR ME RRRUUSSSSEELLLL!!!!!!

time to turn an ordinary me.. into someone extraodinary.
Directors list.
here i come.
im not too far, i can make it,

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