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hey you. come here

May 29, 2009

hey peeeeeople!
its friday! another end of the week.
this week, was another great week, loads of fustration in class(especially those classes with all those coding and stuff.)

and today was pretty funny. coz.. ah..
extremely sensitive stuff. cant say.

and. im going to kill you reena. (;

anyway. its been a long long long long time since i talked abt ____. anyway. she just talked to me today?
yeah. and i kinda understand why its hard for her to accept me again. I im thankful she doesn’t treat me like some kind of curse anymore. Yeah. i know dear, there is alot to see, the world is so big and all that. but, the truth is. whats there to see when i know what i want, and you might say.. you’ll might find someone who may be for you.. yeah. i hope.. that one fine day. the person i might find. is none other but you.

im waiting for you dear

please let me know,

if you ever change your mind..

Coz.. i’ll always be waiting

yeah. now i’m being crazed up by coding.
good night all. i’m not going to beg you guys to see what i gotta say..
coz im not popular in the first place.

yes im emo..

yeah.. pls pls view me. i wanna hit 10000 hits.. pls. pls.

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