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needs hair cut

May 22, 2009

my Slippers broke.. There goes $50.. crap.crap.crap.
this morning i was walking to the bustop when i saw an abandoned jack russell/terrier kind of dog.
its a real poor thing la. it looks damn skinny.damn dirty. and i kinda got it to follow me.So i called the police soon after.and.. yeah. here’s the thing. I don’t really know much abt the 999 system. But what i can say.. its kinda slow. yeah. from the time i called. okay.. I told them abt some lost dog.. then to some police guy who called me from the bishan post. abt.. 10 mins. then for the patrol car to arrive to get the dog.. idk.. 15mins or more? idk man. yeah anyway its kinda slow.felt really slow. Almost made me late sia

Then after school, suppose to go to GIANTS house to see his twin GIANT. but ended up playing street soccer and breaking my haivannas(shit). And i found out today: never fall asleep in the hockey pitch at NYP. you’ll get really really wet.

So i wanted to go jia wei’s place to cut my hair sia.(her mum’s a hair dresser) but end up, didn’t go. PLUS, i’ve been wanting to get my hair cut for the dunnohowmanyweeks.
worse comes to worse i’ll just get a bowl, and you know, trim around..

Laters gonna be a awesome day. going to play frisbee at sentosa.

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