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set me right (:

May 10, 2009

Its midnight. and im still doing my PW. I wonderd who told me poly was slack.
huh.. who who who???!!?!
*&$^*&@. its so so busy la.
well i guess nothings easy now.. todays a pretty swell day. I finally got to play the violin infront of the whole church!!!
and i fell asleep during sermon. And my dad killed me after that. and….
Tml i got quite alot of stuff to do. gotta meet my group for PW work. gotta get my mum a present. gotta collect my MILF tee. gotta. haiya alot siol.
and.. i gotta alot stuff to settle..
yeah… loads..

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  1. JOANNA permalink
    May 10, 2009 6:51 pm

    poly life is slack. just a matter of how you manage it!=D
    you can do it luh!((:

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