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May 5, 2009

i’m so blessed? i dunno why, but im really really happy now. I’m really enjoying myself at school! the lessons are getting interesting each time! except ITFS. okay la not so bad. i’m trying my best to enjoy it. and frisbee is super fun! waaa..

Gosh man. I’m going crazy. Must be the ice lemon tea i drank just now, its giving me a sugar rush. Yeah. Anyway, came back from frisbee training around 10? and i think i injured my middle finger during training. Great, no more pointing of middle fingers for me.. and im really glad, hmm.. okay, not glad. just kinda content.. coz D. finally accepted me as a friend in facebook. Yes. im desperate and Sad.

and i really have to say. One of my classmate, has really inspired me to study really hard. coz he’s like doing so well in class. he can answer most of the questions and all. wow.. he’s a great example.
And sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry to daphne.
coz my mum gave me a lift to school, than along the way, i saw daphne walking along the road.. was abt to tell my mum to pick her up too but.. she turned alr.. SORRY! ):
Yeah.. and i feel i should be more fair to everybody.. in the past, people used to discriminate against me, and now.. im like doing it to others.. Shit. Really should not do that..
I really dunno whats wrong with me man. Im going mad!
suddenly coming up with stuff thats does not have any link.
HAHAHA. madness.

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