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my weird frequency.

May 3, 2009

just came home from work, haven’t showered, haven’t done nothing. Today there was me, Sonia. xiao bers, jackie chan and my manager. and SPAM. i tot she was fired… sianxzxxz.
Anyway. i just noticed something.. that some people can make friends easily, some find it rather hard. like me for example. me. most of my best friends, i often had many disagreements with them. Suay right. while some lucky ones, they can make friends with other people so easily. They just meet the person once talk for awhile.. than about 5 mins later, they’ll be like on first name terms. effing lucky.. like how to put it.. erm..
lets say radio frequency? like some people.. their radio frequency has a very small range.. can only communicate with people around that amount of frequency.. and there are other people. Their frequency is so great, even the aliens can hear them! wth..
Sian man.
Tml there is school again. Gosh. its only the third week. and im feeling.. Sian alr. im still deciding whether or not to bring my own violin tml. and on tuesday, there is frisbee and on wednesday, there is frisbee.

yeah.. back to the frequency shit.
i think my frequency is kinda weird. coz sometimes i can communicate with people who are very proud and cocky.. and i also can communicate with those who dont really speak much.. but.. there are some.. i just cant get on good terms with.. and i don’t know why..
sometimes i think its the way i look or smth.. maybe is my weird eyebrows. Fine.. or my squarish face.
And i also noticed.. no one tends to sms or talk to me… okay maybe they do. But its like so rare..whats wrong with me man.. SAD!!
im going to take a leaf out from my ex’s book and start practising the art of self-mutilation.

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