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SKYPE-ed to death..

May 2, 2009

Today was pretty normal, earlier this morning, around 2 plus. played maple with XQ.(crazy sia..) in the end, went to sleep coz mum appeared. than woke up in the morning, played com. till lunch time. OH YEAH,
for the pass few days, i’ve been waking up at 7 in the morning just for my dad to skype me. Okay, i mean. he misses us(my family) and all. But.. GOSH. from wed onwards, my mum has been waking me up.. ” amos can switch on your com. papa wanna skype you” WA KAO!!!. almost everyday man. plus i was sleeping comfortably.. dreaming of… then suddenly, the lights flick on and u gotta on the com, 7 in the morning.

So just now, went to church for jamming. hmm.. now i really find my own church quite fun.. and come to thing of it. I’ve really wasted gladys’s CG’s effort of getting me to go to their church.. Really sorry…
Anyway.. i’ve done most of my hw, thanks to labours day!!! and i’m left with POA, which can be easily settled by this coming mon. and i’ll have sometime to practise my maths.
so all in good time!!!
tml(or later, rather..) will be going to work! haha miss the ppl at Sakae sushi. And i heard that SPAM has been fired! HAHAHAHAHA
now i really dun mind going back.
praise the lord.

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