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Listless, listless. listless.

April 30, 2009

means having or showing little or no interest in anything; languid; spiritless; indifferent.
listless. why am i feeling so listless?
is it because i do not have this god factor in my life??
or maybe coz shes gone.. too long..
it could be the god factor thingy i guess. i’ve been relying just on myself recently. i just pray for the usual stuff everyday, nothing much. for example. tomorrow will be a good day, bless me and my family, blablabla, may she come back to me one day.. blablabla.

OMGoodness. im going crazy alr. my com’s performance isn’t up to my standard now.. it is starting to lag.. and my eyesight is kinda deproving.. damn..

Today school was pretty slack. And my lecturer taught us to pronouce color as CO-lau-er(colour), and now all of us knows he loves short skirt babes. ah well. we all men are like that. short skirts, nice legs ,low cut tops?? hahaha. they are like a sight for sore eyes. HAHAHAHAHA

Tml or rather. later, gotta go for my pastor’s wedding.
God is so great. giving him a chance to fall in love again. god is so good.

And i hope my life wont be so listless anymore.
anyway. i signed up to donate my blood. i think im going to do this as often as i can. at first i saw this blood donation drive thingy at my school. and my extra crazy hand just picked up the pen at the desk and wrote my name onto it. Well. i hope it’ll change my listless-ness. aaaannnnnnnnddd.yeah. i hope it’ll be painfull. hahaha im sadistic.
oh yeah. i got rejected from NYP badminton. well. suprisingly, that was what i wanted. to not be accepted into the team. Sooo.. ULTIMATE HERE I COME!!!!!

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