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April 15, 2009

today is really boring.
woke up b4 noon(hallelujah!), went out for breakfast with my mum. We ate aMOS BURGER for breakfast(hahaha). then after that, went to type my sorries to my dad.(he didn’t reply) and wasted the rest of my day on my computer. and… oh crap. today was thursday. i freaking forgot to play badminton.shit.shit.shit. just wasted my money..(coz i have to pay for the courts). yeah. had hokkien mee for dinner, and then played dotA with friends.okay. i guess the dotA part was fun coz i got to talk to people. coz the whole day today i hardly spoke to anyone.. else. except for my mum,aaron and andre.
OMGoodness. WHY IS IT SO BORING!!!!!!
and tml, i can’t stay over at bon’s hse coz my mum won’t let me. the worst is my dad won’t even reply me(MUM. whats the point of asking him when he’s not going to reply me)


i think i know why people just cant give up and move on..
coz when you’re attached to someone you truly love. and suddenly, the relationship breaks..
okay. b4 that.
when you truly love somebody, the person becomes your everything. and the attention and care you receive from this person, (in my case) you can’t get from any1 else.
so they break up..
is like, your everything is gone..
and i think its in the nature of humans to find something to replace that ‘hole’.
thats why some turn to drugs? violence? i don’t know..
yeah. anyway. if that ‘hole’ isnt replaced.. one would just sink, sink, and sink.. you’ll be damn emo. especially those who are not those kind of charismatic, charming, good looking kind of people.. coz, well nobody would give a damn about you.(the point of this part)and you’ll start hoping that the person you used to love(and used to love you) would come back to you. and give you the attention and…. well. everything.
thats why some ppl hold on.. they cant give up.
if they give up, its as if.. there is nothing else to look forward to.(okay la, not so kua zhang.. maybe will never know.. if you would ever receive that kind of love/attentin/care you used to receive..)

okay. i know what i said is stupid? i dunno where i thought of this.. it just appeared.

yeah. but im really thankful that the one who filled up my hole is GOD. he pulled me up again. and not only that. he placed me on my feet again. made me strong. made me worry-less. coz he took care of everything. thats why im able, and still going to still wait for her. and still going to love her. and even if she does not give me a chance to win her heart. well, its fine with me. i have GOD.


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