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April 4, 2009

today was pretty alright.
went to meet alvin, then went to the wake.

after that, got called home by my dad for some reason.
and i ended up 20 mins later in church helping out in some kid event.

well. now i know i have no patience for kids..
okay la… not so jia lat.. but i did make a new friend. i forgot his name. but hes quite alright la. keep talking non-stop. under that one hour, he told me about himself. his family. his most embarassing moment. what he hate about his mum. what he hate about his dad. told me that his uncle owns a condo in malaysia somewhere. told me where he lived. told me that he has a gang 0.0 . and……. well there is alot more.


now i know.. if i ever become a parent, i’ll teach my child not to talk so much.

anyway, went to find my pals after dinner with my family.
had a great time of fellowship.. hahah.
we were playing games at first(card games)
after that, we were sitting around in a circle under some shelter. and it was pretty breezy..
what can be better?

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