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A beautiful mess..

March 30, 2009

Heys to you out there..
i really hope you’re doing really well. and if you care, im doing pretty alright too.
i will never know if you’ll read whatever i write.
when we were together, i was really possesive, and im sorry. really sorry.
things have ended up this way because of my character. you’ve given me a million chances. but i keep screwing it up.. over and over again.

even after the break up,
you gave me another chance.. but i was selfish. i keep thinking that you belong with me. and only me..
so again i was possesive.
and now things have ended up this way.

i’ll would give anything to go back to the beginning of our relationship.
i would do everything right.. i’ll would never let you down.

now.. if its possible..
i just only wish, that you would be my friend.

I really miss you. and everything about you.

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