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IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 18, 2009

Back from a REFRESHING holiday in M’sia.
did many stuff and saw many stuff over there.
when to my grand aunt’s farm in segamat.
helped myself to all the rambutans, durians and other veg/fruits
I think my family was the worst infestation to her farm. lol
When to malacca.
had a history lesson on the dutch and portuguese in malacca.
ate chendol everyday.
ate peranakan food everyday.
Here are some pics 🙂
magpie robin at G. aunts place
Magpie Robin at G.Aunts house

Three Musketeers(Aaron, Andre , Me)

Then at some empty beach. i took this.



sian sia. actually wanna wait until the sun is ‘on’ the water. but my whole family was kinda hungry.
so.. sian lor.

there is actually more pictures from my holiday. but i’ll just load them onto facebook la or maybe continue tml. Im so damn tired now. And damn hungry.

yeah before i go:

heys. hope you’re okay.
i just wanna share my thoughts la. hope you won’t mind.

while watching the sunset. i just wanna let you know.
I really really really still do like you.
and everyday. I just hope that you’ll call me up and give me another chance.
yeah. thats about it.

and this is for you

yeah. so thats all 🙂
cya, all
i’m going to look for something to eat.
will continue tml.

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