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Off to malacca

March 14, 2009

Right, so now im home.
just packed my bag for tml( im leavin for malacca)
and its raining outside.

Yeah. so todays like the last day of my full-time commitment to Sakae sushi. YAY!!!
no more ‘aiya. F**k la. nidda go to work again’ , no more ‘fick la, have to see that SPAM bitch again’
instead, i’ll be waking out yelling ‘HALLELUJAH’
i’ve risen before noon..
praise the lord!

Well well.
alls well ends well
during my time at sakae sushi, met some colleagues that turned out to be good friends.
Met the most irritating Asshole that made me wanna be better to those ppl i used to hate.
I’m finally the one who gets to treat, instead of being treated to all the time.

well. Amos just introed me to some singsongtalkcock thingy
cya all

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