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March 12, 2009

Today was so eff-ed up, as i predicted. 😦
This morning, woke up at 8 to go to ICA to renew my passport.
Coz im like leaving for malaysia on sunday, and my passport isn’t renewed yet.
Crazy rite. Luckily i rembered siol.

after that, at work.
SHIT. stuck with SPAM. she is really some goddess of chaos and strife.
don’t ask me why, i don’t wanna explain.
Luckily Sonia AKA. SHE HULK came later to save the day.

And at closing, i asked SPAM to help me with some closing duties, and guess what,
in the end, i have to help her, to HELP me..

You know what? No more eff-ed up days for me.
im going to make the best of everyday.
(god help me pls pls pls…)

time to go happy go lucky!!!

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