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My End. Soon

March 3, 2009

This morning, woke up at 8 just to go to AMK for medical check up.
And i went for an x-ray, urine test.
About the x-ray test, actually i was rather reluctant. Coz its like, millions of high energy particles piercing
your body, and at the time of the x-ray, i was thinking about the risk of cancer. Anyway. i didn’t feel a single thing. Talk about the wonders of mordern medicine.

And the urine test?
well actually, i dunno whether i should dip the strip into the toilet bowl or just, you know.. ‘ spray ‘ over it.
the nurse just said. ‘ okay, go take your urine test ‘ , gave me the tester without any instruction.

After that, when to play LAN with ER, BEAR and AMOS.
L4D again.

at least this ee rong didn’t scream this time, unlike the girl sitting near us.
She kept screaming whenever mobs appeared. CRAZY.

WEll, im quiting my job in 12 days time.
YAY!! im counting down:)
well, i wanna settle all my affairs.
Like, Catch up with my clique b4 we return to school.
Go back to school. talk to Mr. Lim. Try to see delia. and other ppl
Hopefully, can at least have a conversation.\\

anyway. everydays has been a good day. thanks to god.

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