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what i would do on valentine’s day.

February 11, 2009

things i wanna do on valentines day

1. be nice to everybody.
2. be a real gentleman. even to SPAM.(gosh..)
3. give my mum a hug.
4. put on a smile the whole day.
5. make a pilgrimage to places that i went around with delia when we were together. (lol.. i’m crazy right. anyway i’ll be working. so maybe my next off day bah.)

actually this is what i wanted to do. i wanted to buy Delia(My EX, aka HER) something. like a pendant or smth. write somthing sweet or nice. and go to her house, and drop it into her room through the window, without her knowing. maybe i could see her.


however, valentines day is on a saturday. and if i still remember, Delia’s dad goes for a jog in the morning. and it will be kind of dumb, to get caught by her dad. Imagine some guy peeping into your daughters room. secondly. delia always sleep with the air-conditioner. hence, all the windows would be closed. i would not be able to do my slot-through-the-window-love-letter trick.
Sad life huh..

Maybe i could do it by mail??
Aiya. i’ll just buy the pendant la. and maybe get someone to pass to her the next day or something. shit.

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