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Last day of CNY.

February 9, 2009

Good evening yo..

and I’M SO DAMN TIRED!!. woot. Today was my off day. so i went out with my friends to ‘bai nian’. first we went to yan wen’s house. His parents are so nice la. after that we went to andrew’s house. His parent’s cooking was excellent. than to jordan’s house. MORE FOOD.

OMG. almost every house we went to, we have to eat. YW’s house, EAT. Andrew’s house.EAT. jordan’s house. EAT. DARREN’s house. EAT

anyway today i think i won enough money to fuel my bus fare for a week or so 🙂


yesterday, was pretty chaotic. . every sunday is a chaotic day at sakae sushi. Always full house. and guess what, i saw bryce la. He was having dinner with his mum. then sometime around to the call for last order, a familiar face walked in… and i really was stunned. Coz i thought it was HER. wa lao man… i thought my heart skipped a beat.
anyway it wasn’t her la. Nobody, nobody will ever replace her. even if she has her face, she would never replace HER in my heart.


so today, i went out. met jordan. So we where walking through J8. and i was thinking about that girl who really resembled HER. and SUDDENLY, you guessed it. she was sitting in MacDonalds. eating with her friends. i just walked past her. i din’t she saw me la. she probably does not give a damn.

Sometimes. I think if i was better looking, life for me might be better.
But sometimes. i think its better to be thankful for who i am.
I dunno.

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