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February 2, 2009

woot. just came back from a jog la. my dad suggested that i went jogging instead of skating. well, its good to have change..

last night. met gladys to pass sushi and take my box. We ended up talking till 12 plus.pretty fun..
then my dad called me la.
“Amos, where are you”
“uh.. i uh..”
“i thought you kanna beaten up alr”
“er.. uh.”
“maybe you are lying dead on the floor somewhere”
“no im not dead”

heheh oops sorry dad.

anyway yay! today i start work at 5.30. hooray. super super.

now im watching some documentary on discovery channel, and its talking about corn..
pretty interesting lor.

did you know,
Corn can be now used to make plastic?
that plastic made from corn is edible?
that plastic can be then formed into any shape?(gosh, think about an edible PSP)
Corn can cure diseases?
corn can be used to make fuel?(duh i know that alr)
corn is explosive?
Popcorn when exploding has the same pressure as a car tyre before it explodes??

wow. Corn.

omg.. now got a new documentary. about brains.
savants are.. wait wait.. let me check.
okay, there is no clear definition but savants are ppl with brain disorders, like autism?? but yet they have amazing prodigious skill. amazing memory. wow..and there are many others too.

Like this guy. amazing artistic talent.

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