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January 31, 2009

Good afternoon~

this morning was pretty much the same, when down to skate again..
somehow.. im always skating. but don’t seem to be getting any better. sigh..

later i’ll be off to work, and have to face that freaking SPAM later..yesterday i was so effing pissed of with her la. She kept complaining about being the runner(its a duty that requires you to serve food to customers)..”wa lao.. hen ma fun leh.. bu yao zuo runner la.. wa lao.. doh*^$@#hpiw$%#&@padp(and she is short tongued, which makes it worst)

And. yesterday there was this customer. She is damn unreasonable..At sakae sushi, we have different type of set meals. So this hag. she ordered a ‘Set For 2’. which consist of 2 rice,2 soup, chicken chop,2 steamed eggs, a seafood platter. Some sushi, some sashimi, and dessert.
Alot of items rite? and majority of this items have to be cooked on the teppanyaki table, and it would take quite awhile as we only have 3 teppan tables.But that old bitch, she demanded that EVERY single item of the set meal to be served at the same time. Crazy. i’ve never met anyone like her.. She makes SPAM look like a kind and understanding girl.
Anyway, she demanded to cancel the order. not because the food is badly done or anything. its because the food did not come altogether.

if she really wanted all her food to come at one time. she might as well go to mac or kfc or something..


really crazy

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