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break 12 at dawn

January 31, 2009

Good nite or should i say good morning fellas.

its 12.05 on a beautiful sunday morning and a very very late saturday night. I dunno what im talking about anyway.

yeah. anyway. yesterday morning(friday 30th.) i received an sms from my cousin joshua. ” MOE:HOONG HSIEN RUI JOSHUA. YOU ARE POSTED TO VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS AT TEMASEK POLY” immediatly, when i saw the message, i ran to my dads room, grab his phone and saw my posting message ” MOE:TAN WEI JIE AMOS. YOU ARE POSTED TO FINANCIAL INFORMATICS AT NANYANG POLY(C98)” and i jumped for joy!!!!! yipeee!!!!!.

its the course i really wanted to get in la. and now i also have a chance of being a banker;my dream job.

today was pretty smooth. though i did not manage to master my acid slide,(*SIGH*) i managed to learn my parallel slide. well, better something than nothing right?

And today i saw SPAM’s mum. gosh.. SPAM is already 22 yrs old??? and she needs her parents to fetch her. gosh..

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