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January 29, 2009

yay!! knocked off at 4.00. So happy yaw. my dad picked me from work and we went to simlim square. at first i was so happy la. thought i could go find my BEATMANIAIIDX console.. but in the end. my dad just walk around.. saw some laptops. and then when to pick up my Grandma.. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. now i have to go all the way for nothing just to see my beatmaniaIIDX..

this morning when to skate around..
until suddenly..


i was like huh?????!!!!
and then fell…..

now i have another ‘$5’ on my leg.

it turned out to be mr lai.. wah.. miss him like siao. in fact.. i miss everyone at school..
so we chat awhile..

then i when to jordan’s void deck to practice my acid slide.. im pretty getting a hang of it now. just a little little little bit more..

hope i can master it by tml.

“thank you oh father. for the great day you had given to me…
every single day has its own challenges.. and you provide the solutions.. im grateful oh lord.. thank you..”

tml is going to be a shitty day. coz i still can’t find my name tag.. and SPAM is back from malaysia..

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