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Good night

January 27, 2009

Happy chinese new year everyone!!

Hope you all guys have lots of hong paos and all. remember to pass them to your parents yeah!!!. i still remember last year. When i was still with her. We had this idea. to keep our hong pao money and then skip school the day after the CNY holidays, and use the money we took from our hong pao to treat ourselves.. And it happened! I still remember la. we met in the morning. changed into our home clothes and then went to vivocity, watched Ah long pte ltd, played arcade and all. it was prob. the best time we had. although we are not together anymore, i choose to remember. Coz it reminds me on how we loved each other like crazy. Until we would disobey our parents and use the hong pao money to buy gifts for each other, eat at expensive places( hahah.. we even acted as rich people. I was the husband. and she was the rich tai tai). I bought ourselves a pair of rings. If only i could remember what was written on the ring..

To end it. im sorry for being random.and writing such a stupid post.
but i really really want to.
Coz tml,(28/1/09) would actually be the day i went out with her last year.. and this would be something like a anniversary.. to remember.

” love is now.. and forever.. i will always love you.. ‘ling’.”

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