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January 23, 2009


didn’t post yesterday coz i came back pretty late. but yesterday was a great day.Coz i got my pay. and bought quite a number of stuff

Here’s my list.
1. SEBA FR2 skates and accessories ($387)
3. G2000blu long sleeve ($28)
4. 4 pairs of haivannas ($159) [ hahah. im not wearing all four. i gave one pair to my mum, the rest elbon buy together with me]
5. makan ($20-$30???)
6. others ($60++)

and i still have alot of other stuff to buy. Sigh.

So after i went home after going out with vin and bon, me and my bro went to some pub with my aunt. It was a pretty cool place. and the Jazz music was just superb. i think the place is called Jazz@southbridge. And my aunt is so cool. she bought beer for me luh(Shhh..).



Nothing, nothing happen today. except that dumb girl whom-i-thought-she-got-fired-but-to-my-bad-luck-wasn’t. SIGH. but come to think of it. i think its better if she does not get fired. Coz i’ll have comfort in knowing that i’ll only see her in sakae sushi and not any other place(can you imagine if she becomes a hair dresser at my fav barber?? DIE).

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