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The Secrets And Lies of the KCPian elites.

January 21, 2009

MORNING!!! yawn. woke up at 7 today to drink my milo and watch my brothers go to school, then when back to sleep again. then woke up at 10.. whenever i see my Bros go to school. i kinda miss being shouted at by the DM in the morning(“I w . singing the national anthem, being late for class. Then being thrown out of class for being late. Yeah. anyway. I’ll find it hard to appear in school anymore as i kinda left quite a number of bad memories behind. Like how i thought that this girl liked me, but in the end she didn’t( was some kind of miscom.) so now i kinda feel stupid do face her.
And my Ex. gf.. There is so much between us. and so many enemities now made. So whenever i see her in school( she’ll be OMG!! and then walk in another direction) i’ll remember all those stuff that happened between us, So yeah. even though there are 3 gates that open to kuo chuan secondary. Its still hard for me to find my way in comfortably.


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