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All alone, in a crowded place.

January 18, 2009

Wahaa. today was such a normal day. except. one of my colleagues, who is effing irritating and completely not cut out for working.SHE WAS FIRED!!!! YAY! anyway. I was pretty please the whole day. Anyway on the way home from work. I met up with kiat hwee, yong sheng and annabelle. Quite surprised to see them at the 24hrs coffee shop(old Mac). SO. i went on my way back home. while walking back. i just felt like looking up towards the sky. and guess what. there were stars. like so many!! okay this is abit weird. but for that moment while i was looking up, i just felt so alone. not sure why either.. but i know i had thoughts of my past.. ANYWAY. it was damn beautiful. and if singapore had another major blackout i’ll be so damn happy. There’ll be stars!!! Lots!!!

twinkle twinkle little star. how i wonder. what… you are.

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