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The ‘end’.

January 15, 2009

Just submitted my JAE. Which is really the end of a very long journey. One which began 4 years ago. Still remeber in sec 1. LE BON(names have been changed slightly to protect identities) stepped on my new shoes(just bought the day before). thought i would really hate him la. But he turned out to be one of my best pals. Then in sec 2. had my first GF. Sec 3, met more of my best pals like J and BIGCAT, had my next GF, went through a crazy rollercoaster ride of a romantically chaotic game of love, trust and betrayal with her.. *SIGH*. broke up(sniff..) almost patched up. broke away.almost patched back. and then, almost friends but she severed all ties. kinda crazy huh? really just wanted to be friends. Anyway. ZOOM. Sec 4 . still remembered how i was rushing to finnished my design folio, 10 mins b4 dateline(11.45. august 16 or 24). ZOOM. olevls.ZOOM results on 12th jan. ZOOM JAE. now waiting to see where i’ll be going. There. 4 yrs.. just ZOOM. gone.

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