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May 25, 2010

okay~ im off to quite a good start, lets not screw it up shall we.


okay. good nites

its your love ❤



May 2, 2010

I really don’t know whats wrong with myself, or maybe whats wrong with people everywhere. When they are sad, they’re always looking for that silver lining; a glimpse of hope. And when they are really happy, I guess the world around us is so drowned in misery, like a virus. It infects everyone and extinguishes the happiness within anyone.

and my dad told me this.

What if you had 10 days left to live?

So if you had 10 days left to live. I guess all our big plans would hold no more meaning like, I wanna own a ferrari. i wanna have big house. i wanna have model girlfriends. Instead it would be:

“What am I going to do with my 10 days”

immediately, all the top priorities would just surface.

1. I wanna tell her that i love her.

2. I wanna give my mum a hug.

3. I wanna treat my dad at macdonalds, like how he did for me when i was younger.

So. For all those people out there. Who feels that everyday is a day in misery.

Live everyday like it’s your last.

Happiness is a habit. You choose whether or not to practise it.

Now go out and seize the day!

Tell your loved ones how much love them. Do stuff that you’ve never done before. Smile always, think happy thoughts 😀


April 26, 2010

Right now, im in school. Feeling pretty bored.
okay everything is pretty boring anyway..


Well, its a new day~
Can’t wait for the holidays again.

OOhhh lalala~ :D

April 22, 2010

Hey peeps!

welcome to the end of the first week of school!
hope you all had a great week.
well my was pretty.. ‘excellent’. lol.

New teachers. ‘Interesting’ modules(Insights into china~) Classes ending at 6. and many many more 😀
Anyway, the only thing on my mind now. is the finale team D:

Ohhh~ my Finale~ I miss you..

anyway yea, its like so boring now, projects,tuts, lectures like the whole cycle again.
ah well, there’s nothing much left to do in life anyway~

Maybe coz i’m not slowing down. ah well.
got something on to focus on too 😀

thanks for all your support guys.
I promise, i’ll work hard and do my best 😀


April 16, 2010

i think i gotta stop posting as if no one reads my blog D:

Anyway cool shitz had happen over the pass few days,
one of them was i got into some kind of online war, which was pretty lame. Bottom line, my dad was right, “don’t waste your time, just get on with your life” and i took that advice. so right now, they’re prolly bitching among themselves, which is totally cool with me 😀
I hope they don’t cry coz i’m not entertaining them D:

Ah well, school starting soon!
Then yesterday, went for dinner with the FINALE 😀
Food was good, Company even more so 😀
Kudos to eugene!

We were laughing, singing. everything. really damn fun. really awesome~

Anyway. I’m going to private my post in case people start assuming =.=
Lets clarify okay =.= :
1. No, i do not like anyone as of now.
2. No, She’s just a friend.
3. No, i don’t ‘like’ her now.

There you go. i swear i’m telling the truth.
=.= (omg its so lame)

“We may make certain mistakes at some point of our lives, and certain times, we wish we could erase traces of that mistake. What i feel: The mistakes that we make, are part of the legacy we leave behind as we continue to live our lives. So don’t look back. live life we no regrets. Keep going forward, and never let those mistakes happen again ”

gtg now

I’ve said it!

April 8, 2010

yeap~ i’ve said it!

its not exactly what i really wanted, but i really felt it would be best this way 😀

and besides! i’m really happy that she’s my best friend (:

I thought it would be really sincere to tell her face to face, but then again, im not confessing my love! =p
So i just did it through msn

So in the end. I’m still alone. But i’m not alone 😀
after all, and through this time.
I’ve found someone! Someone special!
and she’s more then my friend.
She’s my best friend.
Kudos to you babe!

When all this had come to an end, i thought i would be here, standing alone. But i’ve found you!

Alrights! anyways! tomorrow is the finale!! nights world! 😀

Love on the line

April 5, 2010

Everyday, i’ve just been dreaming about myself and you.
maybe its time to try to be, myself and you